Creative Invite: How To Write A Creative Brief

Launching a successful Creative Invite begins with a great brief. Your brief should describe the reason for your project, some useful background information, your goals and the career opportunity you are offering. This will allow artists to understand what you want them to do and how you want them to do it.

Here are a few tips to get you started…

Set the Scene

In a few short sentences set the scene and describe who you are and what you do. Keep it short and simple and add a 140 char text to the top of your Creative Invite.

Define your goals

Simply asking for a trailer for your video or a design for your small business flyer isn’t enough. Instead, think about the details that will allow collaborators to produce content that meets your specific needs. For example:

  • Is there a theme or source of inspiration?
  • Is there an overall look and feel you are aiming for?
  • Do you need the content in a certain size or format?
  • How, where, when and why will the content will be used?

Specify desired outcome.

Make sure you communicate what you hope to achieve. Do you want to generate sales? Increase your exposure? Or grow your audience? Clearly specify what you want from your artists in order for them to help you achieve this.

Try to keep the creative brief around 100 words and avoid using phrases such as “contest”, “competition”, “winner”, “judges” and “voting”, or similar words. Earn Remotely Today is a creative network and is built for artists to collaborate with other artists. Do not tailor your Creative Invite for your fans.

Include LINKS to assets that are directly related, such as stems, video calls-to-action, templates, etc.

Know Your Audience

Make sure you include any important information about your target audience.
Knowing who your audience will help set the tone of your Creative Invite. It will also help collaborators create content that your audience will like. For example: If you make it clear that you need a christmas flyer that will appeal to people who like cakes, then artists won’t go and create a flyer that appeals to music fans.

Set a realistic schedule

This will allow you to monitor the progress of your Creative Invite and keep potential collaborators up to date on what’s happening.

We recommend the following for a Earn Remotely Today Gigs Creative Invite:

  • Launch date.
  • Submission Deadline (6-8 weeks from launch).
  • Voting Period (1-2 weeks from the end of submission date).
  • Artist Selection (No later than 14 days from the end of voting).
  • Fulfilment of incentives (Within 90 days of the Host Selection and Community Selection).

Don’t Overlook the Details

Attention to detail can make your Creative Invite go from good to great. Here’s a checklist of some of the items you might want potential collaborators to use in their submissions:

  • Assets (logos, slogan, palette, photos or graphics, song stems or soundtrack, raw footage, banners etc.).
  • Social Network URLs, Social Media @handles and #hashtags, and links to your website.
  • Design Examples (mood boards that demonstrate approach, style, look and feel, and even inspiration).

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