Writing Standards for Earn Remotely Today

Hello writer, thank you for pertinently offering to use your skills to provide opinion on this site. However before we accept your article or publish it in any way. Here are some of the standards we consider. We seek to offer people solutions in regard to their career paths and equally to write an appealing article about the subject is part of the process of what we want to achieve. Please acquaint yourself with DPRO writing standards.

Furnished Ideas: Everybody loves a sequence and a smooth transition. Everybody loves organised works. Organisation generally demonstrates a clear plan with some progression of ideas that focus and the clarity of what you want to put across. Transitions clearly convey relationships among ideas.

Make the reader happy. Crafting content that goes viral is every writer’s dream, and tapping into a reader’s emotions earns you a mark to credibility. Therefore before you craft an article to send to us, ask yourself, “What’s good about this story? How can I give this a positive message or angle?” .

Keep action in your content writing. More often, the articles that leave you asking for more are ones you get gripped on the action. Passiveness robs an article of action. The passive voice happens when you switch the subject and object in a sentence. Write telling us about why a given career is important and why you would advise people to take it on.

When writing, keep it short. Put simply:! A five-line paragraph is great, but a three-line paragraph is even better. The articles that get more viewership are ones crafted beautifully and yet aren’t long. We will be accepting a 600 word count.

What is your experience? Before you actually set out to write about any topic, what is your experience, what lessons have you learned in the field you are writing about. At Earn Remotely Today, we do appreciate experience motivated articles.

What is your idea? State it at the break of dawn and not at dusk. Capture a reader’s attention with your idea in the first paragraph.

Critical Thinkers: We are definitely sorry. The league of writers on the Earn Remotely Today website should demonstrate basic critical thinking skills. Articles that bring to light a perspective unperceived before by an ordinary person. We shall not be taking articles below this standard.

Generate Discussion: We would like to talk about your idea a week after we publish your career article. You shouldn’t be a “one hit wonder”.

Grammar, word composition: We appreciate new words but we aren’t making an analysis of how many complex words you can put together to make a sentence.  Your language should be apparent with a clear meaning.

We have an editorial team at Earn Remotely Today that will proofread your works because regardless, we have to stick to the objective of why we are offering this service to the mainstream.